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The butcher is a man of knives
they're sharp as are his wits.
He has a cut for everyone
who round his table sits.

But don't be fooled and be aware
He'll slice you with his charms.
His courtesy and manners he deploys as he disarms.

He is a son of Yorkshire's Leeds that place of decent folk.
Who from a very early age was shackled to the yoke.

Hard work has been his master but he's turned the table round.
As on his throne he sits aloft yet feet firm on the ground.

But please don't be too guarded
as I only speak in jest.
This butcher is a friend of mine and indeed one of the best.

Richard Grimes 


The Windswept West

The wind comes whistling over the hill as it rushes through bushes and trees. It's biting chill and forceful will then vanish to less than a breeze.

But don't be fooled for this wind is cruel as it rushes back in to attack.
With even more force as louder it roars and pushes you two steps back. 

Then over and over it rises and falls retreating, repeating attacks.
And no matter which cheek you turn to this beast, you cannot get this wind at your back. 

So find a stone wall to shelter behind and wait for this fury to rest.
And remember that sometimes this anger and rage awakes in the Windswept West. 

Richard Grimes 


Bibble Bobble

I start my tale of woodland kin
It's creatures and their lives within. 

Of Bibble Bobble a Pixie of note
and the many tales of him I wrote.

His home within a tall oak tree
His friends and all his family. 

His life's adventures we will see
As you settle back and read with me.

Richard Grimes



I saw the light, I gave a shite, I did my best to please.

They saw me come, they thought me dumb and brought me to my knees.

But since I've gone, I've done no wrong and strength has been my friend.

I've made my peace, I've signed the lease and I'm here to the bitter end.

Richard Grimes



A daughter is always gift from above
A daughter is always a product of love.

A daughter you love from the very start
A daughter steals and keeps your heart.

A daughter will worry you day and night
til she's home and sleeping snug and tight.

A daughter's love will never grow cold
A daughter will love you when you're grey and old.

A daughter will spin your heart in a whirl.
A daughter is always a daddy's girl.

Richard Grimes



A bob a weave a duck a deceive a crashing blow at lightening speed.
Ferocious power not seen before when Iron Mike Tyson went to War.

Richard Grimes



My love is like a red red rose a poet
one time wrote and the rose that
stole our Patricks heart is indeed a
rose of note.

Maria the beautiful rose of Tralee
was the perfect girl for Pat, this
match was certainly Heaven made
there is no doubt of that.

A nicer, sweeter, gentler couple it
would be hard to find, their natures
are so well suited, so too their
hearts and minds.

Though true love's path is rarely
smooth and sometimes may get
rough, there's nothing here on earth
can stop a love that's strong enough.

And the Rose of Tralee should always
hold a place in both their hearts, as it's
where they met and I won my bet that a
love affair would start.

So too what better Omen could there
ever ever be than Patrick's pub named
Cleary's, it's like 'twas always meant to be.

And so to a loving partnership that will
stand the test of years, let's all be there
to love and share in all their joys and tears.

Let's raise a glass and pray to God for a
lucky Irish blessing and hope we'll all be
here next year for a little Irish Christening.



Soft yet heavy falls the snow
The icy winds no longer blow.

A soundless silence fills the air
While snow is falling everywhere.

The night is dark and full of woe
as deeper piles the falling snow.

Like feathers plucked from icy geese
It thickens to a fluffy fleece.

As minutes pass then hours go
and deeper still the falling snow.

The midnight hour is close at hand
as a blanket of white enshrouds the land.

And when at last the night is past
and children start to stir at last.

They stretch their arms and rub their eyes in wonder at this white surprise.

Then down the stairs and out they go
to frolic in the the virgin snow.

The winter snow falls cold at night
but in the morning brings delight.

Richard Grimes


In my box
In my box I’ll put a peaceful blue ocean,
In my box I’ll put my favourite toy.
In my box I’ll put a forgotten memory,
In my box I’ll put a pond of Koi.

In my box there’ll be a show,
Up above or down below.
In my box there’ll be a place,
Where everything goes at its own pace.

In my box I’ll put a peaceful blue ocean,
In my box I’ll put my favourite toy.
In my box I’ll put a forgotten memory,
In my box I’ll put a pond of Koi.

In my box is where I belong,
Where hours are short but days are long.
Then at night you’ll hear a cry,
Not a person but a wolf in the night.

In my box I’ll put a peaceful blue ocean,
In my box I’ll put my favourite toy.
In my box I’ll put a forgotten memory,
In my box I’ll put a pond of Koi.

In my box life is long,
Everything is strong.
Everything is right,
Nothing is wrong.

Molly Grimes



The birds do whistle and sweetly sing
and announce to all the dawn of spring.

I walk through fields of fresh cut grass
and smell that Summer's come at last.

Autumn winds have stripped the trees
while boats do battle with stormy seas.

The sky is dark and full of snow
as winter winds begin to blow.

Richard Grimes



How many times within my dreams I've strolled through Ireland.
And many times I've woke to find I'm in a foreign land.

How many times her lakes and mountains appeared to me in sleep.
And many times I've wished those images my soul could keep.

So now I must content myself until sleep comes again,
When then I'll see a path for me through mountain, valley and glen.

Richard Grimes



I loved you my darling with all my heart,
though I knew some day we'd have to part.

That day has come and my heart's in pain, but I
know my darling we'll meet again.

So for now I pray to God above to hold you
and keep you safe my love.

Richard Grimes



Tell me this now and tell me no more
Do you have me a tip for race number four.

I have one for five and six as well but
the horse you gave me for three, it fell.

I've a few pound left but it's going fast
Cos the donkey you gave me in two was last. 

The only winner I've had so far, 
was Brendan's from Mayo who's drunk in the bar. 

You'd better shape up now and find me a winner, 
or I won't even have me the price of a dinner. 

You say you're a horseman and know about nags, 
you're more like a chancer who's smoked all me fags. 

Now I'm not tryin to tell you your business or that, 
but I think that you're talkin right out through your hat. 

I think I'd do better by gamblin alone 
and if I've more losses at least they're my own. 

So come on now and give poor ould Paddy a break, 
me money's near gone now so make no mistake. 

Cos if I've to go home now and tell Mrs. K, 
that all of her house keep has gone with me pay. 

I'll be sweepin the market and workin a sweat, 
and there now ya said it, for the price of me bet. 

And I'll go back to dreamin and wishin one day 
that if I work harder and kneel down and pray. 

I'll own me own stables with horses galore 
and a trainer to train them and I'll work no more. 

And I'll own me own horses and they'll all be winners 
and I'll dine every night on fine T bone dinners. 

And I'll live in a mansion with family all round 
and my grand kids will all make a wonderful sound. 

Yes this Paddy's a dreamer but a graffter to boot 
and if I work smartly and invest all me loot. 

I could be the owner of that stable so fine 
with all of my horses first over the line. 

And I bet you I'll do it and I'll prove it to you. 
That if you work smartly then dream can come true..!!

Richard Grimes



I don't know what they told ya judge I don't care what they say, when that post office cash was robbed I was MILES AWAY..!!
I know ya can't believe it judge I know it's hard to see but when that loot was being took I was home havin me tea. 
Now I know these nice young officers would never tell a lie but we all know it, they're full of shit and can't look you in the eye. 
So many times they've set a trap and tried to stop me earn but trust me when I tell you judge, they'll never ever learn. 
So forgive me now your honor if I don't believe a word, these lyin bastards tell ya cos they want to give me bird. 
Cos I'm a reformed character who's lost way too much time on account of a bunch of crooked cops who framed for a crime. 
A crime that I did not commit but it didn't bother them, they took me down and locked the door and I stayed inside for ten. 
But now I'm free and believe me I'm never goin back, to sloppin out and sellin snout and sewin up mail sacks. 
So no more going on the run for good old Mile Away Mickey Dunne. I did the time but not the crime so now I'm due a bit of fun.
And I couldn't be any happier judge with this new life of mine, cos in Thailand the girl love me and they all love me long time

Copyright - Richard Grimes



How many times have I told ya lads, how many times before? If ya want the bleedin job done right get Ron to blow the door.

How many times have they told ya Ron, how many times before? You can get ya bleedin head through that hole yuv made in your cell door.

How many times did ya get away, how many times did they frown? There weren't many jails and even less screws that could handle Ronnie Brown.

He'd crack your safe or crack your jaw, it didn't matter which. Then on his toes across the moors to holdup in a ditch.

A great big stick of gelignite was our Ron's master key, he'd blow the safe, he'd grab the loot and be home in time for tea.

So raise a glass and then a cheer to big old Ronnie Brown, the most explosive character to live in Brummagem Town.

Copyright - Richard Grimes



As I sit and think and reflect upon my wife and family, I realise how blessed I am when I think of their love for me.
A prouder man could not be found throughout this country, when I think about my family and the love they have for me.
But I struggle hard within myself to earn that love they give, and I hope and pray with each new day a better life I'll live.
A better life to make them as proud of me as I am of them for they surely are the greatest of all, young ladies and gentlemen.
Their manners and courtesy set them apart as they travel along life's road and no matter the strains or the aches and the pains, they manage their heavy load.
My wife and my children are undoubtedly my greatest achievement of all, they make me so proud I stand out from the crowd and I feel like I'm ten feet tall.
My heart is almost fit to burst with pride and love for them, that I really do consider myself the luckiest of all men.
So when asked about treasure or jewels and gold or a win on the lottery, I simply reply with a gleam in my eye, my wealth is my family.

Copyright - Richard Grimes



I bear the pain of life and limb as the shadows my mind infill.
I feel so deep the ache within that I lose all sense of will.
I search within my shadowed mind to find a place of peace, wherein the pain of life and limb will afford me some release.
Yet no relief or peace is there just torment and pain so deep, and only temporary rest is found in the silence of tranquil sleep.
So I have to learn to live with pain and to suffer I must endure, until the time when peace is mine and I finally find a cure.

Copyright - Richard Grimes



As I look back upon this year and reflect before it ends, on all of you that I hold true and lovingly call my friends.
I'd ask you all to spare a thought and raise a glass of cheer, that all of us will still be here this time again next year.
Then think again and reflect upon our friends and family, that have gone before and closed the door from here to eternity.
So thank you all for being there and letting me call you friend and have no fear with each New Year, I'm yours to the very end.
Copyright - Richard Grimes


The Mighty Fergy

I like a drink and then another, in one end and out the other. I like to drink til I get twisted, I use a pot to pee but missed it. I know I need to slow it down, I sometimes drink til I nearly drown.

Though I hadn't drunk for seven years, when I turned eight I'd twenty beers. So maybe it's time for me to quit and try and get my body fit.

But fit for what I'm not quite sure, it's hard to beat a drop of the pure. It cures a multitude of ails and makes you feel as hard as nails. So I might as well just carry on and drink until my days are done. Then I'll meet St. Peter at the gate and if he asks me why I'm late. I'll simply say I was in the pub, and I got locked in so I drank the sub.

Copyright - Richard Grimes



I didn't know when I was young,
that growing up would take so long.
But now I'm aged and in my prime,
I wonder where went all my time.

Copyright - Richard Grimes


Need to succeed

If at first you don't succeed, try and try if you feel the need. If the need begins to ebb, go and do something easy instead.

Copyright - Richard Grimes

Before my eyes are distant hills across a valley green, a patchwork of fields with bushes and trees with forest laid between.
The dry stone walls outline it's fields and scar this glorious scene, and ensure the eye can plaintly see their forty shades of green. Yet further back and higher still the Partry mountains stand, and keep a watchful vigil over Lanmore's peaceful land.

Copyright - Richard Grimes


Big Joe Egan

Big Joe Egan his name says it all, a mountain of a man but that's not all. A heart that's as big as a table top and a nature so giving that just won't stop. His kindness and generous nature are so, that he's always remembered wherever he goes. "It's always a pleasure to meet you" he'll say, as he shakes your hand in his friendly way. With his hand that shook hands with Muhammad Ali, with Smokin Joe Frazier and Foreman that's three. But there's many more world champs that call big Joe friend, and they know he'll back them to the bitterest end. The world champ who's Joe's pal and closest to call, is Iron Mike Tyson, the toughest of all. But he gave a title to Big Joe one day , "Toughest White Man on the Planet" he'd say. The heavyweight champ of all Ireland once too, this proud Irish man is a gentleman true. Such a positive attitude we all wish we had but Big Joe's a one off, this Ringsend lad. And Big Joe is my pal and a proud man I am, to call him a close friend this hulk of a man. Yes the first day we met, my life changed for the best and our friendship will never be put to the test. Cos I love this big man like a brother you see, and he's there in my heart for all eternity.

Copyright - Richard Grimes


Connemara Man

As cool as ice with an Irish brogue and a nature soft and kind, this gentle man from Connemara is a friend that's hard to find. He's as strong a man as you'd ever meet but his heart is loving and giving, if you meet him you'll know that wherever he goes, he know's that life is for living. His language is Gealic and he fluently speaks with a charming Irish lilt, but to hear him talk you couldn't believe this man is so powerfully built. A true friend of mine is Patrick Naughton and I'm proud to call him that, but to everyone else who think they know him they just see the man called Pat. So if you know Patrick you'll also know that these words I write are true, but if you upset him or take liberties he'll surely land on you. Though a soft spoken man with a heart of gold and a nature kind and true, he's a powerhouse with the strength of ten who could lift both me and you. So there's the man that I call friend like brothers born apart, and there'll always be a love for he, in this ould Irish heart.

Copyright - Richard Grimes



We once called him 'Buster' but he's outgrown that, he's slim and athletic though he used to be fat. He was chubby and cheeky and full of mischief, but as he grew older he turned a new leaf. Full of ability especially in the ring, but just at this moment it isn't his thing. He has got a talent that came from before, his grandfather fought in days of yore. Then sons and nephews followed those times and all were related to the fighting Grimes. He has got a talent and maybe he'll use it, his body'll be ready, he doesn't abuse it. He could be a champ of the ring if he tried, cos his talent is there and it won't be denyed. We once called him 'Buster' but Aaron's his name, he's fit and good looking and boxing's his game. So if he decides to and climbs through the ropes, he'll hook and he'll jab and he'll dash all their hopes. He will be a champ of the ring there's no doubt, he's my youngest son and he is a 'knockout'.

Copyright - Richard Grimes


Richard IV

The oldest is Richard he carries the name my grandfather gave us for his was the same. Yes my fathers father and his son's grandson all carry our name down each generation. This latest young Richard has talents in hand, like his great grand dad Richard he's played in a band. His paintings, his drawings and writings are arty, he'll pull out his guitar and play at your party. This talented young man is so full of passion, he won't follow others, he sets his own fashion. He rises to challenge and overcomes all, if you've got a problem then give him a call. He is a deep thinker, this Richard of mine, his enthusiasm is one of a kind. So now that you know him and the name that he owns, he's the fourth Richard Grimes and he won't be alone.

Copyright - Richard Grimes



I named him Seán Patrick when my second son came, my mothers dear father was called Seán the same. His kindness and loyalty are too hard to measure, a son such as he is surely a treasure. Like his grandfather Richard the trowel is his tool, he's a very skilled plasterer but nobody's fool. He's kind and he's loving and thoughtful aswell, as his granddad would say he's as sound as a bell. Our Seány is thoughtful and puts himself out but cross or upset him and you may get a clout. Whoever meets our Seán is struck by his charms, he'll welcome you in with opening arms. He would not desert you if you need a hand, and to me he is one of the best in the land.

Copyright - Richard Grimes


Tony Hanlon

He's a man apart with a distant mind, his eyes are blue and his smile is kind. Though misunderstood by one and all, he hears and sees and knows it all. He knows his mind and tells those who'll listen but all too often his words are missing. He's quick to please with a happy heart, but his mind is locked and so apart. You'll never ever hear him moan, cos this very special man's our Tone.

Copyright - Richard Grimes



This much longed for daughter of Dick and Jayne, has an angels face and Molly's her name. Her nature is kind and gentle too, her heart holds loving for me and you. She is always happy and seldom complains, she's even happy when she sees the rains.
Cos Molly is happiest when she's at home and never wants to travel or roam. She plays with her ponies, her horses and foals, even alone she's a happy sole. Our Molly loves horses and rides when she can, she'd love a real pony, at least that's her plan. So if you meet Molly when out and about, then catch her eye and give her a shout. Cos everyone loves her she's gentle and mild, and you'll love her too this much longed for child.

Copyright - Richard Grimes



Our Bunny girl's Eva the light of our days, she loves to go shopping in all kinds of ways. Shopping for makeup shopping for clothes, shopping for new shoes to cover her toes. But Eva's a cutey a beautiful rose and nothing improves that, not even new clothes. She's bouncey and bubbly, hardworking and clever but cross or upset her, she'll tell you 'whatever' Yes Eva is clever, and studies in business to gain the right knowledge to make her a success. Yes Eva is lovely, the light of our days, her enthusiasm warms like the sun's golden rays. She's bubbly and cuddly in new clothes she'll twirl. Yes all of us love her, she's our 'Bunny Girl'

Copyright - Richard Grimes



When first I met you, my heart you took, my love was yours with that first look. Your beauty and grace awoke in my heart, a love so strong from that very start. As the passion between us began to develop, my very soul it began to envelope. I knew without you I could not live and all my heart to you I'd give. My love and life now belong to you and forever and ever my heart will be true. My future without you does not exist, my lips, by yours, eternally kissed. I love with a passion your poise and grace, your charm and elegance, your beautiful face. My love burns like an eternal flame for the love of my life, my lady Jayne.

Copyright - Richard Grimes


Erriff Mountain High
Softly and gently the scented breeze flows down the mountain pass, and strokes and caresses and makes an ocean of the long green slender grass.
As misty clouds crawl over the hills and smother a snow capped peak, the air is cold and the sky turns grey as the wind begins to speak. 
Across the valley on the distant hills the late sun warms the ground, as the shadows of clouds move across the land and moves its light around. 
Yet further still to the distant East the evening stars appear and signal the start of the frosty night that will soon be dark and near. 
So head for the distant flickering glow of a far off cottage light, for a bowl of stew and a warm turf fire and a cosey bed for the night. 
And rest in tranquil dreamful sleep neath the Erriff Mountains high and see again this wonderous site through a soaring eagles eye.

Copyright - Richard Grimes.

The Fightin' Irish

Paddy's in the middle of things Paddy's in a fix. A fight has broke out in the pub and Paddy's in the mix. 

It started over nothing as these things they often do, and now he's fightin tooth and nail with a savage foreign crew.

They didn't like the way he smiled and winked at all the girls, but any excuse would do them in their brutal savage world. 
So now they've got him cornered as they move in for to bash him, but little did they know that Paddy was about to come out slashing. 

For Paddy was the boxing champ of Ireland, England and Wales, and although not tall or big and broad, he was hard as coffin nails.

With lefts and rights he slashed and swung and one by one they fell, and the punters standing in the bar thought Paddy had come from Hell.

His savagery and venom had not been seen upon this earth, for Paddy was a fightin man from the first day of his birth. 
As the red mist began to clear and Paddy looked upon the victims, he knew the coppers wouldn't be long and then the reality hit him. 

He grabbed his coat and blew a kiss to the young girls standing agog, then out the door and up the road he started hard to jog.

As he reached the hill he began to smile and then began to chuckle, there wasn't even a mark on him not even a damaged knuckle. 
For Paddy was always gettin in scrapes and never could ever be bet, so bare that in mind if you're ever knocked out, it could be ould Paddy you met. 

He's a fightin man with a heart of gold but he'll never ever start it, so make no mistake if you take him on your front teeth could be parted.
Copyright - Richard Grimes
The Ringmaster
He ducks and weaves as around he dances, blocking jabs and hooks as his foe advances.
His body's toned and hard as rock, as punch after punch he's able to block.
His skills are such that he takes his time, and he waits and looks for that telling sign.
As around they go and the rounds they go, the fight goes on with thunderous blows.
Then time and again a mistake is made, and reveals that this foe won't make the grade.
Just one more time and our boxer's ready, then down drops the glove and our man's rock steady.
As quick as a flash he's in with a hook, and his big foe staggers with a frightened look.
Then punch after venomous punch unloaded, his foe recoils, his defences eroded. 
Though jaw of granite with strength immense, like a surgeon, our boxer cuts apart his defence.
The foe's staggered and bleeding as the crowd roars for more, as our man moves forward to finish the war.
A thunderous right is swung like an axe and the big man drops as the boxer attacks.
His eyes roll back and he falls like a tree, he has nothing left for the crowd to see.
His body was huge and his strength immense, but the boxer had studied his lacking defence. 
His hand again raised to the crowds applause as fight after fight he's awarded they're roars.
With grateful hands his belt recieves, he's still the champ as the ring he leaves.
The big foes up, he's battered and shaken, he'll think twice again before liberty takin.
Though his body was big and his strength immense, he was taken apart due to poor defence.
The boxer has won to the shower he'll go, and give not a thought to this latest foe.
Then back in the gym it'll start all again, as day after day, he'll train and train and train and train.
Copyright - Richard Grimes
The Nightshift

The day grows old and darkness looms, the last sun's rays give way to the moon. A robin sings from a high tree top and tells the world that it's toil must stop. Squirrels and birds disappear from site as they find a bed to spend the night. Like a blanket the darkness crawls across the land and releases the night like an opening hand.

As minute by minute the darkness spreads, creatures of the night are stirred from their beds. As the day time ends and the night unravels, foxes and badgers begin their travels. As field after field these creatures scoure, in search of their breakfast in the midnight hour. The robin has gone to his roost for the night as the earth starts to bathe in the full moons light. The wise owl hoots to inform the night that it's his watch now til the morning light.

So the night life hunts and feeds to survive and the day life sleeps and waits to revive. Then the shifts will change and begin again as sun's first rays greet the morning rain. Though the night is dark and for some holds dread, we miss it's drama's as we lay in our beds. So spare a thought as you toil through the day, for the night life that struggles in the very same way. For the daytime is warm, bright and bold, but the night time is eerie, black and cold.

Copyright - Richard Grimes

The New Gaffer

The bar door opens and the crowd turns silent, there in the opening's the frame of a giant. A hulk of a man he stands tall and straight. If you dare to cross him he'll seal your fate. His eyes are narrowed as he scans the scene. His teeth are bared his look is mean. As everyone stops and turns to look round, the bar is filled with an eerie sound.

Like a wind that rises and falls in time, it's the big mans breath as he crosses the line, from the door to the bar his pace is steady, his fists are clenched, his resolve, rocksteady. He stares all around as he crosses the floor and the pubs hardy men start to move toward the door. For nobody knows nor cares why he's here cos one things for sure it's not for the beer. As he reaches the bar he turns to the crowd and speaks with a voice that's strong and loud. It's the worst pub in town and he's here to clean house, the whole pub was silent as quiet as a mouse. He snarled and he ranted as he laid down the law and if they didn't like it, they'd go through the door.

Open or closed it didn't much matter they'd be leavin the bar with a hell of a clatter. Yes the bar was now his and his rules he'll enforce, and the hard men can stay if they obey him of course. But hard men and bad men won't follow a rule as they all stand to challenge this giant of a fool. But fool he is not as the gang closes in, there's all ten of them so his chances are thin. How dare he come here and tell us what to do, this is our pub and belongs to our crew. So they're armed to the teeth and this big man could die unless he walks out the door and waves them goodbye. But the big man is lightening with power and rage as he rushes the gang like a beast from a cage. With thundering blows delivered with might, he smashes and crashes and shows he can fight.

As harder and stronger he delivers each punch and jaw after jaw he breaks with a crunch. Til the last hardy men disappear through the door and their comrades in heaps lie about on the floor. The big man still pumped up and ready again but there's nobody conscious he's beaten the ten. This bar is now his and he's beaten the best in a fight as ferocious as the old wild west. Though the big man has turned his new bar upside down, he'll soon have himself the best boozer in town.

Copyright - Richard Grimes

The Brother

Jasus how's the form boys, have ye any cráic? And tell me did I tell ye boys the brother was comin back? He's been away in England boys workin on the roads, and by the sound of things boys he's been makin fekkin loads.
He sends a few ould letters boys to cheer the mammy up, with a shillin or two inside boys so daddy can have a sup. Now as you know the brother boys is a hardy bit of stuff, and when he's home tomorrow boys things could get a bit rough.
He loves a drop of the gargle boys and I know ye love the same, so when ye're out on the town boys ye'll have to keep things tame. He likes to fight and there's no three men in town to take him out, so boys be sure when ye'r on the beer that he doesn't start to clout.
Cos if he does and ye'r in the way I'm tellin ye now me boys, ye'll be wakin up in hospital with big black shining eyes!

Copyright - Richard Grimes


January Frost

The air is crisp and the cold frost bites. The dark retreats as the light it fights. The sun's first rays show the fields in white as the skeleton trees try to block it's light. The winter days are short and cold but the earth will warm as the year unfolds.

Copyright - Richard Grimes


The Nature of Spring

Above the lake drifts an eerie mist while a blanket of grass by the dew is kissed. Each droplet sparkled by the sun's morning light like a carpet of diamonds or stars in the night. As brighter and brighter the spring sun grows and more of this beautiful season it shows. As the rising light makes the shadows fade, a covering of flowers appear in a glade.
A rabbit feeds on the dark green clover and is stalked by a buzzard that's circling over. A deer appears at the edge of the trees and raises it's head to smell the breeze. Slowly and surely it edges forward towards the water seek its reward. It lowers its head to drink from the lake, its eyes still scanning, its senses awake.
Then slowly and surely to the woods it returns, then one by one, more deer take their turn. Down by the lake in the spring morning light this world comes alive to our delight. But if we should stumble upon it in error these creatures would flee and scurry in terror. For this scene is witnessed by very few eyes, and if you should see it and cause them surprise. Like a dream disappears before mornings first light these creatures would vanish and leave not a sight.
Should you happen upon them in the spring's early light then leave them in peace and stay out of sight. And remember that Spring is a time of rebirth as flowers and greenery cover the earth. So as the spring morning ages by hours the mist disappears and reveals the new flowers. The creatures are gone to the dusk and the night and won't come again til the springs morning light.

Copyright - Richard Grimes


The Batchelor.

I don't know if it's happenin to anybody else, but I'm the only one that seems to be left on the shelf. I look around at all my mates and see that they are paired to lovely sexy lookin girls with lovely shiny hair.
I'm gettin kind of paranoid and I'm not sure what to think, I lash on loads of aftershave just in case I stink. I use the best deodourant and mouthwash I can find, I've even started spraying stuff all over my behind.
I don't know why I'm on my own I'm a lovely lookin chap, I even check the toilet bowl to make sure there's no crap. You'd think the girls would line up for a lad as nice as me, I even wipe the toilet seat after I've had a pee.
I just can't understand why I am still all on my own, I give my number to all the girls, but they never ever phone. I'll just have to accept it that I'm just too flamin good and those girls are probably jealous of my leg that's made of wood. My lovely teeth are shiny and they come out every night, and my glass eye is a beauty as it reflects the sun's light.
So I'll just have to accept it and admit that I'm too good for all those poor young sexy girls who probably wished they could. Just be the one to have the guts to come and chat to me but it's too late now for all of them I'm off to have me tea.

Copyright - Richard Grimes

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