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Brendan O’Neill – Writer/Producer/Director at Stickleback Productions

Richard is a talented actor who is easy to work with and takes direction well. He played the role of villain and torturer to perfection in the trailer we are making for my feature idea Finders Keepers. I am looking forward to working with him on other projects.


Jazz Virk - Producer - Director - VIRKFILMS Ltd.
I met Richard on the set of our film, and he's a generous kind man. I was blown away when he pulled the deadly psychotic killer inside him out in-front of the cameras. Simply fantastic. Great stuff Richard.


Djonny Chen Director - Thugs, Mugs and Violence
Richard showed a focussed and professional attitude on the shoot and was great to work with. He has an independent and adventurous will and is ready to accept challenges whatever their nature. He is a creative, self-determined and self-motivated person. His calm and friendly manner won over the hearts of the cast and crew. Looking forward to working with him in future film projects.


Jonathan Sothcott - Managing Director -BLACK AND BLUE FILMS
Richard Grimes appeared in our movie JUST FOR THE RECORD along with Steven Berkoff, Danny Dyer, Sean Pertwee, Rik Mayall and many other top British actors. Richard was at all times, a delight to have on set - at all times thoroughly professional, courteous and positive - he is beloved by cast and crew. We at Black and Blue Films believe that he has the makings of a very fine screen actor and we look forward working with him again in the future.

Stuart St Paul, Director 102 Productions - Freight
Sadly there are far too few people in this world who are as good as their word, who don't speak unless they can perform and back up what they say. Richard Grimes is a rare breed of enthusiasm and honesty, and I am proud to call him a friend now, and am very pleased I used him in my last production
Paul Knight, Projects Director, New Breed Productions
Richard has proved to be an exceptional asset to the projects we have produced at New Breed, always giving his utmost attention to the tasks at hand. I cannot fault Richard’s approach to work, he is responsible, punctual and motivated. He adds a new level of diversity to the roles he undertakes and is a delight both in front and behind the camera, I would not hesitate to use Richard’s services again in the future.
Perry Benson- Scum - Love Honour and Obey - This is England 86
I've worked on two movies with Richard and found him to be very professional with a wicked sense of humour. He's a great new talent.
Big Joe Egan - former Irish Heavyweight Champion - Sherlock Holmes actor.
Richard Grimes is one of my closest friends and a truely magnificent actor. If he had started acting as a youth instead of going into the family firm in the construction industry, who knows how famous he'd be today? Happily he has found his way into acting now and I'm sure he will soon be discovered as the next big talent in this industry.

BRIAN CROUCHER - The Bill - Eastenders - Blake's 7
Richard is a diamond, talented, he turns up on time, takes direction, and is liked by other actors. Like all of us he just needs a few more breaks, and he will get to the top of the heap..


Louis Murrall - Actor
"The boys from Brum are getting huge, you only have to look at Richard Grimes to see the talent there is in BIRMINGHAM"


Pete McNamara - The Bill
"Truthful, a huge prescence, scary with a sparkle in your eye from lifes Rich's experience. "

Tim Watchorn- City of Hell
'I look forward to following Richards acting career over the next few years as his hard work and determination will surely pay off. Richard is a delight to work with as he brings great warmth and fun to a set. Richard is always learning and fine tuning his skills as an actor, which is just one of the many reasons why I would recommend Richard to anyone.'
Steve Lawson - Director - Just for the Record
Working with Richard was a pleasure, he is without doubt talented and very funny. I found that as an actor he has great depth and versatility and takes direction wonderfully. Richard has a wonderful future ahead of him and I certainly hope to work with him again in the future"

Russell North - New City Fighter
"While working on my latest film 'New City Fighter' I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Grimes, it didn't take me long before I could see Richard had a real acting talent and wrote in extra scene's for him, not only was Richard very professional he also made the part his own by using one of the many accents he can do, I would love to work with Richard again in the future as he's a great actor and a lovely guy."


Andrew Tiernan, Star of 300 & The Pianist
"Working with Richard Grimes is an absolute pleasure, which I have had the luck of doing, both in the capacity as an Actor and also directing him, he is an Actor of natural ability and has a giving quality and makes great choices, which is a blessing in this business. He is a real find."


Actor Andrew Tiernan, Star of 300 & The Pianist
"Richard Grimes a very cool dude."

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